A Chance To Follow My Passion

My experience working with and for Simon Gross, has been a thoroughly enjoyable one. I have been given a chance to follow my passion for: creativity, costume , performance, production etc…about a year and a half a go, where with little experience I was met with suitable support, and given the opportunity to showcase my skills.
Ever since, I have picked up other assignments for SG production and can’t fault anything in their operations, from payment (some even earlier than expected) to flexibility, cause and sentiment: I was met with co-operation that helped me to grow as freelancer, nurturing my skills and abilities.
Working in the creative industry in London is one of the most enjoyable but yet challenging one and the intensity and ability to deliver in this field, is down to one’s own drive conviction and attitude.
I felt that Simon knows and expects that , quite rightly so -to keep alive what is dear to his heart, producing shows that are to reach others, whilst also creating a pathway for others to shine and grow (in #showbizz) and an audience to relish the efforts.